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Pump Marvel

The pump marvel drains up to thirteen times faster than siphoning or draining! Unlike a garden hose, this pump does not lose its prime, and can lift and discharge water up to 20’ high. Don’t be fooled, the pump marvel is not a siphon, it’s a true pump! Please note that this pump does not take electricity.


Additional Information

The Pump Marvel outperforms traditional submersible pumps. This part drains water down to 1/8″ so you don’t have to worry about manually removing the other 2 – 3″ that a submersible pump leaves behind. No more getting into your hot tub to bail out the last few inches of water left behind after draining!

If there is debris in the water that is being drained (i.e. leaves in the water on the top of a pool cover) the debris will not block the intake as long as Pump Marvel is positioned flat on the bottom. This can easily be managed by one person by using a standard pool pole that attaches to the top of Pump Marvel.

This is different than the traditional submersible pumps, as they have an intake screen that can rapidly become clogged with small debris, causing the pump to quit working and even burn out.

Made of high strength PVC, Pump Marvel is virtually indestructible and will last forever. Additionally, it won’t burn out if its run dry as it has no moving parts to wear out.

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