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Pristine Blue Mini Test Kit


The Pristine Blue Mini Test Kit measures the PristineBlue levels in your spa, pool, or hot tub. The Pristine Blue mini test kit is not only easy to use but also easy to read results from. It’s recommended that you test your levels approximatly every two weeks to ensure your water is right where you want it.

Shelf Life Of The Blue Pristine Mini Test Kit:

  • PristineBlue can be used from season to season if stored in a closed container above 32° Fahrenheit.
  • For other products like PristineClean, PristineCheck, PristineClear and PristineMist, there are no expiration on effectiveness.
  • PristinePower, PristineExtra, are most effective when you use them within a year of purchase, howevery, they do continue work to a degree for several years when stored properly.
  • The PristineBlue Mini Test Kit reagents used in the kit and PristineStrips have a life of 2 years.
  • EnzyPure is most effective if used within 2 years of purchase.

Instructions For How To Use The Blue Pristine Mini Test Kit

  1. Fill the tube up to the 10 mL mark with your water.
  2. Add 5 drops of Copper A to the tube, cap the tube, and invert tube to mix it up.
  3. Remove the cap, add 5 drops of Copper B to the tube, cap it, and invert tube to mix it up.
  4. Insert the tube into the holder and wait 3 minutes for color development to happen.
  5. Remove the cap and place your tube bottom about a half inch above the white area on the provided color chart. Match up the color by looking down through the tube.
  6. After reading the Pristine Blue Mini Test Kit results simply empty and rinse everything promptly to prevent staining.

Always check your waters PH and alkalinity balance before testing the Pristine Blue level. The wrong water PH balance may give an inaccurate Pristine Blue reading. Nobody wants that!

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