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Master Clear Oxidizer 5 lbs Non-Chlorine Shock Granules


Master Clear Hot Tub Oxidizer – Your Ultimate Solution for Crystal Clear Spa Water!

Introducing our premium Master Clear Hot Tub Oxidizer Shock, expertly formulated to transform your spa’s water clarity and purity, without the use of chlorine. This 5 lbs. powerhouse of active oxygen granules is not only a fast-acting treatment but is also an essential companion to your regular sanitizer, ensuring that your hot tub experience is as refreshing and invigorating as the first dip.

Why Choose Master Clear Hot Tub Oxidizer?

This advanced hot tub oxidizer is meticulously crafted to target and eliminate non-bacterial waste, converting it into gas that is safely released into the atmosphere. Say goodbye to the unwelcome residues from inorganic chemicals and waste associated with regular spa use. With Master Clear, every moment in your hot tub is a step into pristine, crystal clear waters, replete with purity that you can see and feel!

Chlorine-Free, Power-Packed Performance!

Dive into the comforting embrace of your spa, empowered by the confidence that each dose of our hot tub oxidizer works in synergy with your sanitizer. While chlorine targets bacteria, Master Clear activates the chlorine’s potency, augmenting its capacity to oxidize and eradicate even the most stubborn contaminants.

Embrace the Clarity!

Indulge in the serene waters of your spa, where every droplet is a testament to the potent, fast-acting formula of Master Clear. Witness the transformation as your spa’s water transitions from cloudy uncertainty to mesmerizing clarity, inviting you to a haven of relaxation and tranquility.


  • Non-chlorine oxidizer with 5 lbs. of active oxygen granules
  • Enhances the effectiveness of existing sanitizers
  • Targets and eliminates non-bacterial waste and contaminants
  • Transforms inorganic by-products into gas for easy release
  • Restores water clarity for a rejuvenating spa experience

Step into a world where the clarity of your spa’s water is a harmonious blend of purity and quality. Trust in the potent, chlorine-free formula of Master Clear Hot Tub Oxidizer, where every granule is a promise of unparalleled clarity and unmatched spa indulgence. Make every moment in your hot tub a Master Clear moment – clarity, purity, and tranquility at its peak!

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