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Bromine Floater


With the Bromine Floater from Master Spa Parts, you can ensure your spa or hot tub is correctly sanitized and ready to use. And, with adjustable capacity options, you can easily control bromine levels in your hot tub or spa. Make this spa bromine treatment (SKU: Bromine Floater) a part of your essential maintenance accessories!


As an alternative to chlorine, bromine is a great spa and hot tub sanitizing agent to eliminate microbial and bacterial contamination. When used as a treatment, bromine has several advantages over chlorine. When bromine is added to the water of your hot tub it forms the oxidizer and sanitizer known as hypobromus acid. This is a weak acid that will not irritate the skin, lungs, eyes, or nostrils.

While spas equipped with an ozonator can reduce the amount of sanitizing agent needing to be applied, they still require some kind of longer lasting chemical agent in order to be truly effective in reducing microbial contamination.

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